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Stained Glass

In an endeavor to bring honor to God, we at HIS have assembled stained glass window panels using great care and high quality materials. They are constructed using solid stained glass, thus no paint to peel or fade, or plastic to deteriorate. As in church windows, age will grace them. We expect they will be treasured by their owners and eventually passed on to others. Of this we are sure: HIS glass panels will not endure as long as His Word which endureth forever.

Our desire is to bring honor to Him by themes of nature, etc. Our prayer is that the Scripture thoughts which accompany each stained glass panel will provide you with inspiration, comfort, and even motivation to give praise and honor to the great God.

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The beauty of these stained glass window panels is enhanced by natural light shining through a window. The sunlight brings out the beautiful color variations in the stained glass and creates a prism effect through the bevels. They also look very attractive hanging on a light-colored wall. These window panels come with an attached decorative chain for easy hanging. A variety of sizes, designs, and Bible verses ensures that you will find one to fit your need. HIS glass window panels will make treasured heirloom quality gifts for many occasions.

Orders can be placed online or by phone or mail. In-stock stained glass panels are shipped within two business days. We will notify you if more time is required.