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Wooden Plaques

Individually handcrafted with prayer using native hardwoods, HIS inspirational plaques are sure to inspire the heart. Taken from what would normally be cast off material, they have been prepared to show forth their beauty. And so it is with God’s work in us. He takes lives that may be considered worthless and fashions them into a fruitful vessel as we repent of sin and let Him do His perfect work.

The honor is His.

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Each of our inspirational plaques has been individually designed around the natural character and beauty of the wood God created. All are unique and cannot be exactly duplicated. HIS plaques are available in various designs including wall plaques, stand-up plaques, magnets, and bookmarks. All are made from native hardwoods including ash, birch, box elder, butternut, cedar, cherry, oak, and walnut.

Custom Orders: We also offer cross-stitch and very large inspirational plaques which must be requested by special order as the supply for these unique pieces is limited. We would be most pleased to prepare special orders which might include personalization by name, date, or special occasion, etc.

Themes: You may choose your favorite Bible verse, or select a theme from the list below and we will select a verse that fits that theme.

  1. Worship and Praise
  2. Exhortations
  3. Promises in time of trial
  4. Prayers
  5. Salvation

Examples of verses we use for each theme can be found here.

Wood Options:

  • Examples of wood types available for plaques can be found here
  • Bookmarks are available in your choice of either light or dark-colored wood
  • Magnets are made from cottonwood bark

Orders can be placed online or by phone or mail. In-stock plaques are shipped within two business days. Please allow three weeks for specially requested or favorite Bible verses. We will notify you if more time is required.